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Tapas & Catering


If you have a party or just having visitors like family or friends, its a nice idea to order Spanish tapas and/or paella for the ocassion. We ask you to order at least two days in advance,  depending of the order. Also, we offer catering services for receptions and events. We have several possibilities:

Snack platter
Warm and cold snacks on large scales, from 10 people. Delicious bites for everybody!

Live cooking or bbq
A large pan paella live prepared on your  location is possible from 25 people. The costs are 39,50 euros per hour, from 35 people we don’t charge any costs for cooking.

Spanish sandwiches to take away, with the typical Spanish bread.The bread comes from Galicia (Pan Gallego) and it is baked in a stone oven, which gives it a special taste. If you want to order more than 10 sandwiches, it has to be ordered at least two hours in advance. Besides you can order via UberEATS.



 Jamonero cuts the Pata Negra ham in the traditional way. A good Jamonero knows how to cut lots of thin pieces with an extremely sharp knife from the whole leg without losing any part. This we do daily in the shop, but we can also cut the ham in your house of company. We had cut the jamon at the RAI, receptions, weddings and Spanish theme parties. A bit entertainment in combination with top quality ham of the famous black pig, the Ibérico Pata Negra.



For snacks you can choose different mixed plates, like bread with alioli and tapenade, cold meats, cheese and fried snacks. We also have montaditos in Pacomer, small sandwiches (bites) with different flavours at one plate (Montaditos Plateau). The ingredients we use are vegetables, meat, fish, cheese and salads.

Vleesplateau II

Dip Platter
Plate with home-made alioli and three kinds of tapenade with Spanish bread
plate for 10 people €14,00
plate for 20 people €28,00
Cold Meat Platter normal or Iberico
normal: Serrano ham, chorizo and salami
plate for 10 people €14,00
plate for 20 people €28,00
Iberico: Ibérico ham, chorizo Ibérico en salami Ibérico
plate for 10 people €24,50
plate for 20 people €49,00
Cheese Platter
Different kinds of Manchego cheese and blue cheese
plate for 10 people €17,50
plate for 20 people €35,00
Tortilla Platter for 20 people €25,00
For 2,50€ extra with Serrrano ham, chorizo, spinach or paprika
For 4,00€ extra with shrimps or codfish
Fish Platter
Plateau with anchovy in acid, shrimps and mixed olives
plate for 10 people €20,00
plate for 20 people €40,00
Egg Platter
Eggs filled with tuna or with spinach and pine nuts
plate for 10 people €14,00
plate for 20 people €28,00
Fried Platter
Plate with a mix of fried snacks with pasties and croquettes:
Pasties are filled with minced meat, tuna, shrimps or spinach
Croquettes are filled with ham, chicken, codfish or mushrooms
plate for 10 people €18,50
plate for 20 people €37,00
Montaditos Platter
Plate with all kinds of small sandwiches (bites) with cold meat, cheese, fish, vegetables and salads
plate for 10 people €19,00
plate for 20 people €40,00
Sweets Platter
Plate with chocolate cake, almond cake and pastel de nata (puff pastry filled with cream)
plate for 10 people €20,00
plate for 20 people €40,00

The prices are VAT included


Small bites! A different way of having a dinner, as a main meal or as a snack. The nice thing of tapas is that you can try different tastes. Do you like fish, you love meat or rather vegetarian? Because there are so many tapas, there is enough something for everyone,  which is why there is always a pleasant atmosphere around them! In our shop we have different kinds of ham, chorizo and salami and lots of Spanish cheeses, which can be combinated with our fresh homemade tapas.

Meloen met Serrano


Melon con jamon €19,00
Serrano ham with melon
Albóndigas con tomate €21,00
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Pollo picantón €19,00
Chicken in garlic with red and green paprika, spicy
Pimientos de Piquillo Rellenos €20,00
Sweet pepper filled with béchamel sauce and minced meat/codfish/vegetables
Bocaditos de Chistorra €14,00
Spicy chorizo in puff pastry
Chorizo frito al vino blanco €14,00
Chorizo flambé in white wine
Calamares fritos €16,50
Fried calamari (squid rings)
Pulpo a la Gallega €47,00
Octopus with potatoes and paprika (Galician style)
Champiñones al ajillo €17,50 / €18,50
Mushrooms with garlic / ham and garlic

To order from 8 people/price per dish/ VAT included

Ensalada Rusa €21,00
Potato salad with vegetables, tuna and shrimps
Escalivada €19,00
Eggplant, pepper and onion baked in the oven, served cold
Ensalada PaComer €20,50
Salad with roasted pepper (green and red) and coddfish
Ensalada del mar €26,00
Salad with octopus, shrimps and squid

To order from 8 people/price per dish/VAT included


We have different kinds of paellas, like you can see below. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday the paella is prepared to eat right away in the shop or for to take away. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays it has to be ordered at least 1 day in advance. paella mixta

 Paella Valenciana €8,50
Paella with chicken and vegetables
Paella marinera €10,00
Paella fish and seafood
Paella mixta €10,50
Paella with fish and chicken
Paella vegetariana €8,00
Paella with different kinds of vegetables
Paella de conejo €8,50
Paella with rabit, white and green beans
Paella cochinita €8,50
Paella with different kinds of pork meat
Arroz con chistorra €6,50
Rice with spicy chorizo
Arroz negro €9,00
Black rice of the ink of the squid with shrimps, squid and peas

To order from 4 people/price per person/VAT included


In every country, every region has his own typical dishes. In Pacomer Traiteur every month we have a specialty of the month. Besides we make every week a few stews, which you can buy in a small portion.

Zarzuela de pescado €11,00
Fish dish
Bacalao en salsa de tomate picante €10,00
Codfish in spicy tomato sauce
Sopa de pescado €8,50
Fish soup
Potaje de bacalao con garbanzos €10,00
Soup with codfish and chickpeas
Fabada Asturiana €9,50
Winter stew with white beans and different kinds of pork meat, typical from Asturias
Alubias verdinas con almejas €10,50
Green beans with cockles, stewed
Cocido Madrileño €9,50
Pork stew with chickpeas, typical from Madrid
Callos a la madrileña €9,50
Spicy tripe with chorizo and ham in tomato sauce

To order from 8 people/price per person/VAT included

If you want to cancel your order, please inform us at least 3 days in advance without any costs. Otherwise,  we charge 30% of the total amount.